“At times hilarious, at times soul-crushingly sad, and unfailingly astute and well-written, Early Decision will leave you super-satisfied… and determined to take it all—not least the college process—just a little less seriously.” Redbook

“This up-close and personal perspective makes for a comical novel, but one with insight… Crawford integrates the drafts of Anne’s students into the novel, and through the process of revision tries to help these students find their voices. By focusing on the essay-writing process, Crawford explores how we find our own stories — and suggests that a successful campaign depends on revision.” Chicago Tribune 

“Here’s an engrossing novel that no parent of college-bound teens will be able to resist…Crawford nails the anxiety of a selection process gone crazy and counsels parents to do the hardest thing of all: back off.” People

“Told through the eyes of Anne, the intense, enormously competent and always-in-control college counselor, the writing style is clear, sharp and effervescent. (Crawford’s) diction went hand-in-hand with the knowledge one may take away from this book to help students and families cope through the greatest period of stress in a student’s life.” The National Association for College Admission Counseling

“Overbearing moms and dads scheming to secure their kid a place at Harvard will find this novel more helpful than any nonfiction book on the market. But everyone else can enjoy Early Decision for what it is: a sweetly sharp modern-day comedy of manners about the brutally competitive college-admissions ordeal.” Entertainment Weekly

“This entertaining tale of upper class parents and adolescent learning curves points a keen eye at the college application process and the agony and ecstasy of getting that acceptance letter… Sprinkled with tips for writers—’it isn’t so much about editing as it is about aligning execution to intention,’ essays in various forms of re-write, and a very satisfying twist at the end, the reader is lead through a long, dark supervised High School hallway and off to the freedom of the great lawn.” Publisher’s Weekly

“Once an independent college admissions counselor to children of privilege, Crawford has seen enough to write this telling debut starring an ‘application whisperer’ who can get students into the best colleges. But as their essays reveal, the emotional cost is horrendous, as is many parents’ overweening ambition and greed. Having just been through the college application process, I say amen!” Library Journal

“The hearts of the students beat a true, steady rhythm throughout the novel.” Booklist

Early Decision is part “Gossip Girl”, part “Dead Poets Society”, and entirely addictive! A brilliant, satirical peek at the families of privilege behind the Ivy Curtain, this book made me laugh out loud, swear in anger, and most of all, it made me wish I was 17 again so I could re-write all my college admissions essays.” Kevin Kwan, bestselling author of Crazy Rich Asians

“Lacy Crawford really understands adolescents and the pressures they’re under. The book asks many serious questions, among them: what price is it worth paying to achieve success? What constitutes success? What’s failure, those times failure and success are synonymous? How do we arrive at the story of ourselves, and how many revisions are we allowed? It’s a book that should get some serious discussions going. Like other dramas, it’s sometimes a comedy. It’s an insider’s view, projected not from the eyes but from the heart.” PEN/Malamud Award winning author, Ann Beattie

“In Early Decision, Lacy Crawford turns a keen and knowing eye on the inherent folly that is the college admission process, thereby shape-shifting it into a winning, insightful, tender and ultimately redemptive tale replete with road-weary aspirants, their soon-to-be chastened parents—oh, and every reader’s hope and fear this side of an ivy-league sheepskin—in this most modern and delicious play on the American dream.” Carol Edgarian, New York Times bestselling author of Three Stages of Amazement